“Resistor” by High Voltage Vaporz


Of the seven flavours that High Voltage Vaporz offer in their Premium Energized E-Liquid range, ‘Resistor’ is the one that is guaranteed to catch the attention of any coffee lover with a sweet tooth. High Voltage Vaporz describes this juice as being ‘energy-infused’ with a blend of espresso and caramel – and with my penchant for habitually binging on both of these ingredients, I didn’t need to think twice about giving this flavour a shot.

E-liquid flavours are naturally quite a subjective matter. The same goes for coffee – one man’s Kopi Luwak is another man’s Dunkaccino. My previous experiences with coffee-based e-liquids have been disappointing, to say the least. Certainly, it would appear that the vast majority of manufacturers have chosen to err on the side of caution by creating bearable – yet weak – coffee blends. (Bearable: in the same vein that plastic cups of anaemic coffee found in hospital waiting rooms are bearable. Not for their flavour, but as an excellent time-passing mechanism, as one searches fruitlessly for something, anything, that resembles ‘taste’.)

As you can see from the explosive labelling on the bottle, however, this e-liquid looks anything but bland. This is available in nicotine levels of 0,3,6,12 and 18mg – I opted for the 3mg to get a good grounding on the flavour for review. The label doesn’t state the VG/PG ratio, but a quick check on the High Voltage Vaporz website provides the information – and in this case, all seven flavours in the range are at a mix of 70/30. This is a good bit heavier than the 50/50 I would normally deck my Aspire Atlantis 2/CF Sub with, but in the pursuit of caffeine vaping enlightenment, I proceeded to fill her up.

High Voltage Resistor

We got off to a (very briefly) rocky start: the first inhale was, somewhat, underwhelming. Perhaps I expected my senses to explode in the manner that the first sip of morning espresso catapults the mind into action, but instead, the first inhale was seductively smooth whilst leaving a tantalisingly bittersweet taste behind on the exhale. However, this initial insatiableness was quickly overcome when, with the second and third hit, the flavour quickly intensified. The full, deep flavour of the espresso – not too bitter, not too weak, but perfectly mellow – flawlessly infused with the lingering taste of sweet, succulent caramel undertones.

By the tenth draw? Holy, nectarous, caffeine.

This e-liquid quite literally blows all of the other previously tasted, coffee-based juices completely out of the water. It is stimulating: it will perk your senses up as you release satisfyingly thick clouds of ‘espresso con caramel’ vapour. It is delicious: this is not akin to a watery Americano – this coffee flavour is both full-bodied and genuine. Most importantly, it is palatable: after hours of use, this does not become sickening or overwhelming. It even complements a cup of coffee nicely, and I found that I wasn’t having to reach for the next cup just as quickly – with this stuff satisfying my caffeine cravings. Of course, if too much caffeine isn’t for you, High Voltage Vaporz also offers all flavours without the addition of caffeine or melatonin – so you can appreciate the beauty of the vape without the accompaniment of the buzz.

As with good coffee, you will fully respect the high-end taste and complexity of the flavour that a bottle of ‘Resistor’ packs. This is one cheeky little bottle of greatness.

“Blue Slush” by Hodge’s Homebrew


About the Company:

Here at Hodge’s Homebrew we strive to provide an E liquid that not only hits the mark in flavour and vapour production, but also never forgets its roots and where it came from. These complex carefully put together recipes that we have all come to know and love, are individually bottled by our juice makers who take their time and make sure that every bottle hits the mark in quality, if you are looking for an e  juice that gives you a great option of flavours at excellent prices then look no further Hodge’s Homebrew will not disappoint, we are also available on FacebookTwitter and Instagram come and check us out show some love for the juice.

Today we are taking a look at their “Blue Slush” E-liquid, which is currently another very popular flavour amongst vapers.

The Hodge’s Homebrew menu describes their Blue Slush liquid “Relive your first childhood memory of that fantastic taste that you can never forget, the refreshing burst of flavour followed by an unmistakable cool wave that keeps on giving” The description was very accurate and we were not disappointed.

As with all of the Hodge’s Homebrew liquids in the 30ml range, these are supplied within dripper bottles of a very high quality. The angular shape of the glass bottle adds a pleasant touch to the charming exterior. The design of the label is excellent – both in terms of its aesthetics and in that it clearly demonstrates all of the necessary information regarding flavour, nicotine content, PG/VG ratio and the necessary warning indicators. The label also displays the date upon which the liquid was created, providing peace of mind in being able to consult the age of the product if necessary. Finally, a batch ID is also included so that if any issues are raised with the product it can easily be tracked back.

We expect an intense and almost fizzy flavour – not dissimilar to the nostalgic taste of the copious ice slushies of our adolescence.

Liquid Info:

  • 30ml Bottle
  • 6mg Nicotine
  • 50/50 PG/VG Ratio
  • Born on 7/7/15

Testing Hardware:

We tested the Blue Slush in a tank-based atomizer to see if it would fall into the ranks of our “All Day Vape” category. The initial inhale is cool and tantalising; both taste and smell receptors are immediately alerted to the subtle notes of blueberry. Upon exhale, the full taste of the Blue Slush is released, with a satisfying amount of cloud for a 50/50 blend. On a retrohale, the flavour doesn’t serve to be overwhelming – nor should it be. The fusion between cool overtones and fruity undertones is at an optimum level to satisfy the palate with a stimulating vape that is both full of flavour and refreshing.

The Blue Slush is definitely an all day vape.

For use in RDA based atomizers, we would recommend that liquids with a higher VG ratio are used.




The Milkman Review


Based in Los Angeles California The Milkman is one of a large and ever growing products manufactured by The Vaping Rabbit.

The Vaping Rabbit is a fusion of my first business (a hookah Bar) The White Rabbit I opened back in 2006 and my second business, (a gourmet ice cream shop) I opened back in 2010.

When I was first introduced to vaping,it was love at first sight.It was something completely new to me, yet seemed so similar, like puffing on a hookah. Soon after being introduced was when The Vaping Rabbit and owning an eliquid line was born. I wanted to mix my own flavors from the hookah recipes and ice cream recipes I had. Thats where it all started.

The Vaping Rabbit is made in small batches here in Los Angeles California.

From start to finish, everything is hand crafted. We mix, steep, label, bottle and wax every single bottle that leaves our lab. I hope that with this new venture I will get to meet new and amazing people in the vaping community and I hope people will enjoy the product.”


  • Bottle Size: 30ml
  • Nicotine Level(s): 0, 3, 6mg
  • VG/PG Ratio: 99%

Test Hardware:

  • Aspire Atlantis V2 Tank w/0.3 Ω coil
  • Wotofo Troll RDA w/0.2Ω build
  • Tugboat RDA w/0.2Ω build
  • Custom Hammond Box Mod @ 60w

First we’ll start off my talking about the great job the Vaping Rabbit did with the package design for the Milkman. A simple and classic design which really makes the product stand out when on a shelf or display case of a store.




The Milkman is marketed with a Fruit Tart, Vanilla Ice Cream & Milk. A quick fill on the Troll RDA with fresh cotton revealed a very sweet inhale with the vanilla and, strawberry poptart exhale with a strawberry/milk retrohale.

In tank based atomizer I found The Milkman to be too much for an ADV (all day vape) and the very heavy 99% VG isn’t very kind on the Atlantis V2 coils, but in an RDA such as the Tugboat and Troll it’s very pleasant.



Would I recommend this product?

I definitely would and do to anyone who asks me for an enjoyable sweet liquid for rebuildable dripping attys. So much so that a 30ml bottle with 3mg wouldn’t even last a week!