“Boulevard” by Wick Liquor

Way out west, where the arid sands crash against the vice and vandalism of the big city, a passionate group of mavericks are rolling into town. Weighed down with stories of a sumptuous ‎desert oasis that they encountered during their journey, carrying a fistful of contraband potions, messengers from the wild dunes, delivering their precious cargo to the eager taste buds of the city-dwellers. Their gift to the skyscrapers carries the hallmarks of a midnight moonshine run through these desolate badlands. They are the brave pilgrims, they carry the Wick Liquor.

Hey guys and welcome to another review from Belfast Vape Bar. Today’s review is on “Boulevard” by Wick Liquor who recently have become quite the spectacle here in Belfast and surrounding areas.

These guys put some story tellers to shame with a description like this. So Boulevard is a liquid that just keeps giving. Premium quality boutique e juice.
Influenced by the streets, crafted in the lab, carried to the masses by moonshiners and rogues.
Carry the liquor.
80/20 VG/PG

It has got quite the flavour profile. They class it as a Mardi Gras fruit punch and fortified Malibu Loganberry pulp. Now how many people have tried Logan Berries? I know I sure as hell haven’t but this stuff makes me want to eat a bucket full! Fruit punch is always a winner for me personally, when you go to the states there is nothing more refreshing in the hot sun than a nice big cup of fruit punch!

So taking a look at the bottle its a nice clear glass bottle with a good clear coated white label with all the right things on it. Bolt text, all the right signs and warnings and nicotine strength mine is a 3mg and it has a good 80/20 ratio in favour on the good old VG. Also made a sneaky discovery that my bottle is from Batch #002

So let’s crack this bottle and vape. Today I’m using the trusty Koopor Mini at 45 watts and a single 3 wrap 22awg anarchist wire coil on the Jaybo Indestructible with Cloud Chasing Kit.

Opening the bottle the smell just lunges out of the bottle at you, fresh and sweet fruity flavour which has my taste buds tingling. Squeezing the dripper it seems to fill quite well so as they say let’s liquor up the cotton and coils and get down to vaping. The liquid isnt too thick which I’m impressed with making it quicker and easier to prime the coils. I kept the cap of the rda and fired and instantly thy senses were greeted with ripe berrys some fruity notes which added to the hype. Cap on and lets go so on the inhale its a very smooth inhale of sweet fruits and on the exhale i get a refreshing yet relaxing berry taste. The cloud production is brilliant. Dense clouds make this juice a cloud chasers dream all day vape.

9/10 for straight forward and in your face Presentation

9/10 for Flavour it’s a juice that will not get old

8/10 for Cloud Production great plumes and very soft to exhale

“5 o’clock Somewhere” by Kind Organic Juices

Manufacturer’s Description: “A Modern twist on an old classic cola spiced with ginger, sarsaparilla, and finished with the zest of fresh lime.”
Statistics:  5 O’Clock Somewhere by Kind Juice , Available in 0mg, 3mg ,6mg, 12mg and 18mg strengths, 30ml and 50ml bottles, 0%PG/100%VG

Vaping statistics: 0mg strength, vaped on a Kangertech Subtank Mini with Kanger RBA, 5 wrap Kanthal 0.6Ω  coil mounted on the Kangertech Kbox mini at 15 and 30 watts.

The scent from the bottle is initially very pleasing, a freshly popped can of cola (not naming any brands here,) freshly grated ginger . It’s an absolutely pleasant start to the liquid and sets the standard quite high.

The introductory puffs to this liquid were also nothing short of divine. Ginger beer and limes dominated the flavour. The retrohale greets you with a sweet, gingery bite that is an absolute pleasure. There is even an oddly pleasant tingly tease to the sarsaparilla towards the end of the exhale and it coats the inside of the lips in a delightful cola sweetness.

Unfortunately the flavour does seem to tail off towards the end of the tankful, the cola and ginger start catching at the back of the throat on the exhale. The overall flavour starting to be this bland, flat cola flavour which is certainly a disappointment due to the flavour initially showing promise. However, cloud production from this particular liquid is fantastic. Beautiful thick, white plumes of vapour carrying the initial flavour.

Description Accuracy:  7

-The description is incredibly accurate in regards to the initial flavour.

Flavour Intensity:  7

– The flavour did begin quite intense, however just fell bland towards the latter end of the tank.

Vapour Production: 8

-Beautiful thick, white plumes of vapour that carry the flavour of this liquid pleasantly in the air.

Overall:  7

“Deja Voodoo” by Wick Liquor

Welcome back to another E-Juice review by Foxy.

I am Once again honoured to be reviewing “Deja Voodoo” by Wick Liquor UK!

As far as I am aware the BV Bar are the second reviewers in NI to get our hands on the range of juice by Wick Liquor who are a brand new company to enter the juice market within the UK and I am grateful to be chosen to try and represent the brand as a reviewer!

The BV Bar first encountered the guys as mentioned in my Carnival review at VapeFest Ireland and I managed to secure a nice little bag of goodies for review which contained two liquids, some stickers which I am using on my #TugLyfe Box Mod and now on the Hammer Of God to protect the base.

The bottles are available in both 15ML and 30ML sizes with nicotine strengths of 0, 1.5, 3 and 6MG nicotine levels and all feature 2 security seals which are a rare thing on its own… The two seals are in the form of a plastic wrapper around the bottle and a cap seal which must click and snap off to allow the bottle to open. The company logo is in an almost hand written style which is rather appealing to the eyes. The label however does lack when it comes to the warning symbols as mentioned in the Carnival review.
For this review I will be using the IPV4-s box mod with a 0.28Ω dual coil build on my Alliance RDA with the wattage set to 66W.

On opening the bottle I am greeted with the sweet smell of soda…. Not just any soda but a US soda that has got a good reputation here in the UK for being made from proper cane sugar rather than processed sugar.

On the inhale I am instantly hit with the cane sugar taste! It’s not like your typical sweet vape though, it is rather mild yet appears to have a somewhat complex body to it with a lot of nooks and crannies for other flavours to develop from? After a few puffs the flavour stays the same apart from a slight uplifting hint of cream POSSIBLY starting to form from within the complexity of the juice.

With the exhale the cane sugar is still very much present but it has become much lighter and a nice fluffy cream or coconut flavour starts to sneak up on me! Even after I exhale the flavour profile still manages to work for another few breaths to really round off this perfect juice!

Presentation: 8/10
Flavour: 8/10
Cloud production: 9/10

So once my review sample is done would I go out and buy this juice for myself? Hell yes!! The juice ticks all the boxes for me with the perfect combination of flavour and cloud and the fact that the flavour continues to strengthen after the exhale is something I have yet to discover… Until now!

“Pirate’s Gold” by Kind Organic Juices

Manufacturer’s Description: “Perfectly aged Caribbean rum and walnut banana bread.”
Statistics:  Pirate’s Gold by Kind Juice , Available in 0mg, 3mg ,6mg, 12mg and 18mg strengths, 30ml and 50ml bottles, 0%PG/100%VG

Vaping statistics: 0mg strength, vaped on a Kangertech Subtank Mini with Kanger RBA, 5 wrap Kanthal 0.6Ω  coil mounted on the Kangertech Kbox mini at 15 and 30 watts.

Opening the bottle was an absolute pleasure, I have to be honest here and admit that it was a surprise, an incredibly pleasant one. Two clear scents caught me, a very noticeable nutty scent and a soft, subdued banana on the top, almost smelling more akin to a fruit granola as opposed to walnut banana bread and rum.

Continuing with my trademark honestly, it was not pleasant at the start. Not at all. At fifteen watts this was highly unpleasant, it was rather bland and tasteless for the most part, only being able to distinguish the walnut flavours. However, at thirty watts the promise of this flavour shone through, a lovely, sweet banana flavour layered on the warmth of rum.

Sitting with it and tweaking the wattage to find that sweet spot paid off early in the tankful, at twenty watts the flavour really came into its own and developed into an absolute pleasure to sample. The full flavour of the banana and walnuts coming through without being overpowering. The taste of the rum was also surprising. It wasn’t harsh, it didn’t catch in the back of the throat, instead adding an enjoyable warmth to the overall flavour.

The thick, almost fluffy looking clouds this liquid is capable of producing are absolutely divine, the scent of the liquid lingers in the air beautifully, the sweet banana and walnut flavours linger on the lips and a retrohale is rewarded with the warmth of the rum. It remains an absolutely pleasant flavour right to the bottom of the tank.

Description Accuracy:  8

-The description of the liquid on Kind’s website was spot on.

Flavour Intensity:  8

– The flavour was delightful throughout the entire experience, despite requiring a little bit of tinkering to find that sweet spot.

Vapour Production: 9

-The vapour this liquid produces is pleasant, nice thick plumes of vapour which carries the fragrance of the flavour beautifully and it hangs around, leaving the room smelling of fresh baked banana bread.

Overall:  8

“Karma” Sub Element by Kind Organic Juices

Manufacturer’s Description: “Roasted espresso beans covered in dark chocolate and sprinkled with crystallized orange peel.”

Statistics: [sub]Element Karma by Kind Juice , Available in 0mg, 3mg and 6mg strengths, 30ml and 50ml bottles, 0%PG/100%VG
Vaping statistics: 0mg strength, vaped on a Kangertech Subtank Mini with Kanger RBA, 5 wrap Kanthal 0.55Ω coil mounted on the Kangertech Kbox mini at 15 and 30 watts.

Opening the bottle of this particular liquid was an absolute pleasure in all honesty, a really nice start. A deep, slightly bitter dark chocolate scent that mingled with an dark roasted scent of espresso beans, topped with a very bright citrus-y tang.

While it was a very positive start, the first few puffs of this particular liquid didn’t stand up to the high standard the bottle note set, while still pleasant, a smooth dark chocolate on the inhale with the bitter notes of the espresso coming through on the retrohale, there was a little bit of sweetness but unfortunately the orange was failing to come through.

Continuing through the tank, the flavour started to fall flat, it became same and bland, even on higher wattages in a bid to get a warmer vape. It ultimately ended up becoming offensively bitter. Unfortunately it just failed to deliver. It got to the point where I found myself unable to finish a tankful.

Unfortunately this liquid fails to deliver on the description, flavour soon falls bland, vapour production is rather thin and unfortunately I cannot recommend this liquid.

Description Accuracy: 4
-While the description was accurate in relation to the bottle note, I couldn’t find any orange notes in the actual taste, it didn’t mention being bitter.

Flavour Intensity: 4
– The flavour did begin quite intense, however just fell bland towards the latter end of the tank.

Vapour Production: 6
-Vapour produced was rather thin but the scent of the bottle did hang around pleasantly in the air.

Overall: 5

“Rivet” by Boilermaker

Long gone are the days the 50s US style diner where the young gathered for a shake and to socialize. American Premium E-Juice blenders Boilermaker Vapor put the hammer to the anvil to bring back the experience for us to vape.

Our mission at Boilermaker Vapor is to create e-liquids that symbolize the strength and fortitude of “Blue Collar” America.  We are committed to creating e-liquid flavors that bring to life the core values that speak to the heart of our nations working class: Quality, Ingenuity and Passion.  Our e-liquids are carefully crafted to provide our vapor customers with flavor experiences that are characteristic of these values.  Our commitment is to produce e-liquids of the highest standard of quality, a quality only an “American Born” e-liquid company can meet.  Here at Boilermaker Vapor, we cherish our American Heritage and the responsibilities that come with it, always remembering to “NEVER FORGET WHERE WE CAME FROM”

Boilermaker Vapor like to keep their product descriptions short and straight to the point on their website “A Classic 1950’s Strawberry Malt.”

Let’s start off by taking a look at the bottle, Boilermaker were kind enough to supply us with their entire line in 30ml bottles. This way we get to have a rather extensive vape before getting to work on the reviews. All of the liquids are contained in a black glass bottle with matching dripper, the artwork on the labels are reminiscent of an earlier time with the logo proudly pronounced in the centre.

The label holds a much more vivid description of the juice within “Pinned in layers of palate arresting perfection, “Rivet” will make you a devoted captive to out Craftsman’s flavourful take on the classic 1950’s Strawberry Malt. Prepare to ignite your senses with the vintage guilty pleasure”

For this review I will be using the following hardware:

This being a 50/50 based liquid, I have decided to only a use a tank based atomizer.

The Inhale: “Rivet” from Boilermaker is a little disappointing, only a subtle malt flavour. Fingers crossed that the ex/retrohale is better, being a 50/50 blend really is a major con with this juice. Even if there was a 75% VG variant for use in an RDA it’s safe to say that it would be a major improvement.

The Exhale: This is where the liquid for me has redeemed itself, at 65w “Rivet” has really come out of it’s shell and has shown what it has to offer. A velvety smooth strawberry milkshake like flavour which is extremely difficult to put down. Prepare yourselves as the 30ml bottle has proven itself not to last! Both the retro and exhale provide you with a delicate vape. This is most definetly an All Day Vape.

Description Accuracy: 7

Flavour Intensity: 6
– The flavour here is more pronounced on the exhale and very enjoyable.

Vapour Production: 9
– Being a 50/50 blend, cloud production wasn’t the best unfortunetly, this is more for flavour chasers out there.

Overall: 7/8

“Lemon Ice Tea” by Vapemesiter

Vapemeister Logo

Hi guys, It’s time for another juice review by Foxy.

Today I will be reviewing part of the new “Mixology” range by VapeMeister UK.

VapeMeister is based in a small seaside town just outside of Belfast and they also have a second store in another seaside town called Carrickfergus. I have dealt with these guys for over a year now which includes product reviews on my former YouTube channel (Fox’s Reviews).

The juice I am reviewing today is the Lemon Ice Tea range which comes in a nice little 15ml dripper bottle. I am using the iStick 50W and Dark Horse RDA with a single coil 0.7Ohm build. The product I have for review is a pre-production product as are all of the “Mixology” range that the Belfast Vape Bar were sent to review. With this in mind the final products will be perfected before full production.


On first inspection of the exterior of the bottle I am hit instantly by crisp, bold and instructive lettering which boasts the main flavour “Lemon Ice Tea” in max VG zero nicotine made by VapeMeister which is German for Vape Master. The dripper bottle top has a distinctive red nipple which matches in with the company logo of a red devils head. The glass is a smoked colour throughout which assists with keeping sunlight away from the product contained within.

On opening the bottle I noticed that there was no plastic wrapping on the bottle which is not an issue when purchasing direct from VapeMeister but I would never purchase from a third party company if the bottle was unsealed. When I open the juice and have a good sniff of the contents, I am immediately getting a good strong lemon smell which smells similar to a lemon tart or lemon curd. I am a lover if citrus fruit vapes and with this in mind my mouth has already started to water.

I have popped a few drops into my RDA and let it all soak in so now it’s time for a nice long puff. Set at 40W I take a nice long drag and I can immediately taste the lemon! It’s a little more muted than initially thought but the flavour is definitely there for your vaping pleasure. I would be happy to compare the taste to lemon sherbet or even a lemon jelly.


The ratio of PG/VG is 90VG/10Water there is no PG at all in the Mixology range. This is a huge advantage for me for a number of reasons with the main reason being my sensitivity to PG and the fact that I always use really low Ohm builds in my RDAs and/or tanks.

So would I buy this juice myself as an all-day vape? Yes I certainly would. The flavour description is a 10/10 for the lemon content but I cannot find the Ice Tea in the flavour, so overall the flavour description would get a strong 8/10. For flavour intensity it would be a 10/10 and vapour production another 10/10. VapeMeister really do invest a lot of time and knowledge in their juice range.

“Pink Lemonade” by SCVape

SC Pink Lemonade


Manufacturer’s Description: ” Pink Lemonade E-Juice is a lush refreshing Vape. Let this refreshing classic cool you down on a hot summers day.”

Statistics: Pink Lemonade by SCVape., Available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12 and 18mg strengths, Available in 10ml or 30ml bottles , 30%PG/70%VG. Steeped for two days as per manufacturer’s recommendations.

Vaping statistics: 0mg strength, vaped on a Kangertech Subtank Mini with Kanger RBA, 5 wrap Kanthal 0.75Ω coil mounted on the Kangertech Kbox mini @ 15 and 30 watts

Definitely one for a hot day or to relax after a hard days work when the fridge is devoid of beer. Opening this one greets you with bright lemon kick, just a hint of bitterness towards the end. It’s shocking, refreshing and definitely pleasant.

First impressions of this are genuinely impressive, it tastes like an old school lemonade sure, natural, slightly bitter, plenty of sweetness and lemon to each puff.

Towards the end of the tank, it fails to disappoint, although as with the previous flavour I have reviewed from SCVApe (The Caribbean Mango) It’s a very simple, straightforward flavour, no complexity or needless mixing just a wonderfully enjoyable flavour.


“Coffee” by McFlavors


If there’s one thing that Italians do well, it’s coffee. Not only do I appreciate the espressos, cappuccinos and macchiatos that will never taste as good anywhere outside of an Italian coffee house, but also the level of pride that the Italians take in their coffee – one slip of the hand when pouring the frothed milk and an Italian barista will bin it before serving anything less than perfect to a customer.

Clearly, I was excited to try the coffee flavoured e-liquid by McFlavors, which proudly states on the front of both the box and bottle that it is made in Italy. (Although I must admit, I do feel that the brand name ‘McFlavors’ – which undoubtedly raises connotations with a certain fast food chain – is somewhat of an oxymoron in this case). Regardless, I was highly expectant that no Italian production team would allow a coffee flavoured product to leave its borders without tasting absolutely fantastic.

Another huge selling point of the McFlavors e-liquid range is that they are made with 100% natural ingredients – so you won’t find any propylene-glycol in these. Instead, McFlavors have opted to use propanediol, which is a natural alternative to glycol that is extracted through the process of fermentation from corn. This should appeal greatly to any vapers that are sensitive to propylene glycol (PG), as McFlavors have ensured that their liquids and flavours are entirely PG-free.

McFlavors Coffee


As you can see from the images, the retro packaging is both appealing and nostalgic. The design is simple – as are the flavour names for the entire range. In a time when e-liquid names are becoming more and more elaborate, one can appreciate the honesty behind a flavour that is straight to the point. You will not find yourself in the increasingly-common scenario of:

“Hey, what’s that you’re vaping?”
“It’s the latest liquid from that brand you like, it’s called Amarillo’s Wet Unicorn Hair”
“Amazing! What flavour is that again?”
“Uh, pineapple – I think.”

No. This is just coffee. However, this – along with the ‘Made in Italy’ declaration – sets a high expectation that the taste really will be of a good, coffee flavour tobacco. On this occasion, my expectation appears to have been set just a little too high.

Whilst the inhale is very smooth, mellow and has an almost sweet undertone to it, the exhale releases a taste that is just too pungent – almost acidic -for my palate. We all know that our sense of smell is vital to our sense of taste, and there is a slightly odd scent that lingers after the exhale that emphasises this distaste further. This may or may not be related to the 100% natural ingredients – I haven’t experienced this with any other e-liquids and as this is the first that I have tried a liquid with no PG, I’m inclined to assume that it could be.

I tested this e-liquid out at 0.4% nicotine, so the flavour should have been pronounced but I struggled to really find the genuine, coffee flavour coming through in anything more than an undertone. The tobacco taste is certainly the most emphasised in this vape, with the coffee as a compliment towards it as opposed to serving as the main focus of the flavour.

I haven’t tried out any of the other flavours in the McFlavors range, but will certainly make a point of doing so as I do think that the company’s ethos towards all-natural ingredients is commendable. McFlavors also has its marketing on point, with no gimmicks or need to over-complicate matters. It is just unfortunate that in this case, the flavour of the coffee e-liquid has not matched their excellence in these other areas.

And, after further investigation, I realised that McFlavors is actually a Maltese company – perhaps releasing them from the Italian coffee standards that I had originally held them to.

“Pink Lemonade” by Hodge’s Homebrew



Time to review another gourmet liquid from Hodge’s HomebrewI brought a bottle of their “Pink Lemonade” to a local vape meet for a few of our other reviewers to try.

Hodge’s describe their Pink Lemonade as:

“This is the pink lemonade you have been looking for from the colour down to every flavour note imaginable, this juice will almost fizz in your mouth creating a vape that you will not be able to put down. Whether it is a hot summer’s day or a cold winters night pink lemonade will rejuvenate your taste buds when you need it most.”

Liquid Details:

  • 30ml Bottle
  • 50-50 vg/pg Ratio
  • 6mg Nicotine
  • Born on 07/7/15

Testing Hardware:

Pink Lemonade is another highly sought-after liquids and has been made by many manufacturers out there. This juice gives a smooth inhale with just a subtle hint of the lemonade. On the exhale/retrohale, the full palette reveals itself with the strong flavour of lemonade and a taste of pomegranate to compliment it. Vaping the Pink Lemonade reminds me of a nice breakfast juice with just a little fizz – not too much to become sickening though. After two full tanks of this, we definitely don’t want to stop – this is certainly another All Day Vape.