“Boston’s” by Hodge’s Homebrew

I have done a lot of reviews here at Belfast Vape Bar, and yet, this is my first review of a Hodge’s Homebrew e-liquid. I have no idea why it has taken me so long to review them – they are, without a doubt, my most beloved manufacturer for flavours that just tick each of my boxes. I’m pretty sure that all vapers have that favourite e-liquid, from somewhere during the beginning of their vaping journey, that was the one that convinced them that vaping was the way to go after all. For me, that was ‘Blueberry Heaven’ by Hodge’s Homebrew. After trying so many hit or miss flavours that just made me want to run back to the analogs, this was the e-liquid that convinced me not to. For that reason alone, I will always be indebted to these guys.

One thing that I have always appreciated with Hodge’s Homebrew is the consistency of their flavours. I have purchased many of their products, both from retailers and directly from their website, and the flavours are always as they should be. There are no nasty surprises or ‘bad batches’ released for sale; their flavours are always on point.

Today I’m reviewing ‘Boston’s’, one of four new flavours recently released by Hodge’s Homebrew. They describe this e-liquid as a ‘fresh Boston creme donut that has just enough chocolate and even more creme‘, which excites me greatly as I’ve been on such a doughnut craze these past few weeks. One thing I trust Hodge’s Homebrew to do well is creaminess – each and every one of their custard flavours has been so wonderfully full-bodied – and so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this flavour in the hopes of a truly creamy doughnut vape.

By the way, can I just apologise for the review’s photograph of an empty bottle? Normally I take a snap of the product BEFORE I go nuts about the flavour and vape it all… I just couldn’t resist with this one. When I order more, I will update this review with another photograph (if I can hold off long enough to do so).

Hodge’s Homebrew always caters for a wide range of personal preferences when making up their flavour batches and for Boston’s, this is no different. Available in both 70/30 and 50/50 VG:PG ratios, this e-liquid can be purchased at a range of nicotine strengths. When purchasing directly from the manufacturer’s website, a notification will also be displayed if the chosen strength and ratio is running low in stock – so you can ensure that you won’t be caught short of your favourite flavour.

And trust me, if you like doughnuts and you enjoy a creamy vape – Boston’s might just be your new favourite flavour. I have tried quite a few premium-brand doughnut flavours over the past month, and whilst the doughnut flavour itself is usually done very well, there’s usually a sickly after-taste that presents itself on the exhale. Even with some steeping to take off this edge, I found it hard to enjoy the ‘thin-ness’ of many of these vapes.

This was not the case with Boston’s. I didn’t feel the need to steep this at all, but instead – as you know from the photograph – I just got stuck in straight away. The doughnut flavour is wonderful and true-to-taste. Even the smell of this e-liquid is just like that of a fresh, creme-filled doughnut; it is absolutely divine. As for the creaminess? Hodge’s Homebrew have absolutely delivered on this. This is so full-bodied and creamy (I have this at 70:30 and 3mg by the way). The inhale is where the doughnut and its subtle notes of sugar and cinnamon hits you, while the exhale releases the inner creme and that wonderful texture that I’ve come to expect from this manufacturer.

With the exception of ‘Blue Slush’, this is the only other flavour that I have tried from the Hodge’s Homebrew line that isn’t focused on their signature custard base. I am so glad that I tried out Boston’s. Once again, their attention to detail and fusion of flavours has resulted in a product that is simply outstanding, and I would implore anyone who has a penchant for creamy, doughnut flavours to try out a bottle (or twelve) of Boston’s.