Pavlovin by Nom Nomz

Hi guys, welcome to another review from the Belfast Vape Bar. Today, we're looking at 'Pavlovin' by Drip Art, a subsidiary of Nom Nomz Premium Vape Juice. Their new line is comprised of two flavours, 'Pavlovin and Slushizz'. Be sure to also check out our review on 'Slushizz'. Nom Nomz describe Pavlovin as a "Soft and [...]

Slushizz by Nom Nomz

The Drip Art Range is a new line from Northern Ireland-based blenders Nom Nomz Premium Vape Juice. We have reviewed a number of their products in the past and they scored rather highly with our review staff. (Click here to see our Nom Nomz line reviews) This new line currently consists of two flavours, 'Pavlovin' and [...]

“Lime Bake” by Nom Nomz

Following on from my review of “Lemony Snicket”, this is my second review of juices from the Nom Nomz range. When I was trying all their flavours at the launch event, this is the one that really stuck with me. I’ve always been a fan of Elements dripper series “Key Lime Cookie” but once I [...]

“Lemony Snicket” by Nom Nomz

I had read a few reviews on here for Nom Nomz and they sounded amazing. It’s also really good to see a company like this emerge from our very own Northern Ireland. So when I had the chance to go to a Nom Nomz launch event, I was very eager. I got to sample their [...]

“Irish Cocoa” by Nom Nomz

I've been hearing a lot about Nom Nomz over recent months - and rightly so. As a Northern Irish manufacturer of premium e-liquids, Nom Nomz has been generating a lot of excitement amongst the local vaping community, with its slick marketing and wide range of flavours to choose from. So who are they? Nom Nomz describe [...]